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Tips on hiring a van

Wednesday 15 June 2011 15:32


The words that come into mind when renting a hired van for the first time is "intimidating". Here are a few guidelines to help combat this unease.

 On the day of rental, make sure you have all your basis covered

Firstly pick up the rental van:
• Pick your hire van up in good time avoiding the need to rush around in an unfamiliar vehicle
• Take into account the advice given at our offices while picking up the rental van.
• If you hire a luton van which has a tail liftyou will need to pay particular attention to the safe operation of  the tail lift.
• Take notice of the height of the vehicle
• Sit in the cab and familiarise yourself with the vehicle. When you have positioned your self in a comfortable driving position look. Check that each of the side mirrors particularly the passenger side are positioned correctly. If you cannot use the mirror without moving your position ask a companion or a member of staff for help in adjusting the mirrors.
Also adjust side mirrors so you can see the rear corner of the van.
•Make sure that you are totally familiar with the location of the controls.
Do not forget safety first and foremost, do not forget to wear your seat belts (All Passengers).
You can familiarise yourself, by taking a quick drive and try some basic manoeuvres around our site before you get on the road.

Watch out for Parking Fines

There is something about rental vans that acts as a traffic warden magnet. Some simple precautions and you can protect yourself from parking tickets.
Do not forget to pay a congestion charge, should your journey find you within the charge areas.

At BOTH ends of the journey check out what the parking restrictions are the common problems are:
indent Loading/ unloading restricted between certain hours
indent Double yellow lines
indent Single yellow lines with specific restrictions on time of parking
indent Bus lanes
indent Red routes
indent Parking meters

Our staff are highly experienced – feel free to ask for advice.

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