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Cheap Van Rental London

Thursday 20 October 2011 16:09

If you want to find out how to make renting a van cheaper, then you'll want to read this article. Specifically I three easy and simple steps how you can reduce the bill for your future van rentals and spend more of your money on yourself. After reading this article you will have three sure fire ways to cut down the cost of your van hire even in London.

First thing would be to ask yourself, can you not go for a smaller van? Sometimes we act too safe and overcompensate on a decision because of the just in case mentality. Why do it if it will cost you more? Work out exactly how much space you will need before choosing what van you will hire.

Secondly look for van hire offers. Most companies around the north London area all offer special promotional offers. Take Safehouse for instance. They offer a budget van hire London service for all their London Self Storage customers. Ideal if you already are a customer.

Thirdly its time you learnt to share again. Why not speak to neighbours, friends or family and see if they could make sure of half a day’s van rental. Then you can cut the cost down the middle. Or alternatively you could have the van for the longer for the same price. Please make sure you trust these people as they will you will be liable for any damage caused by yourself and also the people you choose to share it with, so be careful.

Remember when looking for cheap van rental in London you should always make sure they offer their vehicles with full AA breakdown cover, unlimited mileage and if you’re really lucky some rent a van in London offer insurance included in the price. Bargain.

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Van Hire Saving

Thursday 17 March 2011 15:25

Saving Money !!!!

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